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How do you balance work and writing life

Okay guys ,you know I said I needed a job like yesterday but the thing is, in a way it has been affecting my writing. The last article was in a bus and so is this one. Did I also mention I live in Lagos? So imagine how uncomfortable it will be... But I just have to try, especially for you guys.
This is the fourth month since I started the job and I'll tell you, I'm still figuring it out.  Let me tell you about the job ; it's a facility management company and to be honest, the job is just me (I'm mostly in control of everything that goes on in my apartment and building)... What I mean is, it's my everyday life ;I'm the help desk - I take request from a resident and it's not something that is strange to me even though it's my first time working for a facility company. The thing is, the building (which is also my office) is on the Island and I stay on the mainland - anyone living in Nigeria would know how crazy Lagos traffic can be which means one have to…

Don't settle for less,you deserve better

That’s what I heard growing up; either from people, in a song or family but I never really understood it until life began to deal with me. Don’t settle for less, you deserve better, you are too good for this and that… And you know what? It is true. Despite what life throws at you, you are better than that, you deserve more than what you are getting. We are all here for a reason, a purpose and need to be able to take it – whatever that is.

9 Reasons Why i hate Being Jobless

Hate is a strong word and can only be used in this situation. Just sitting at home doing nothing can be very annoying (at least I have my blog to keep me busy but I also need money for data and stuff…so it’s still annoying). Anyways I would like to mention nine reasons (there are more reasons) I hate being jobless and I’m sure most of you can relate;

What it Feels Like to Be Broke and Unemployed

I’m not from a rich family or usually have money whenever I want; I’m just a very content person. Sometimes I have money, sometimes I don’t; when I do, I make the most of it (well not all the time; I remember when I was in primary school and my dad’s friend gave my siblings and I fifty naira –back when Nigerian money had value, and I lavished it on candy. My dad whooped my ass that day and I don’t think I lavished money like that anymore. Other time was in the university; the truth is we never had pocket money growing up, my “pocket money” was whatever was left from my school bills – my dad gave money sometimes though.

Why I am Currently Unemployed?

I’ve not always had things go my way, right from the time I was born. Things have always been very difficult; I was never a “lucky” person. I always struggled for everything; to be loved, make sure I do things excellently…It’s a cycle! My siblings on the other hand, though they work really had, they are always very lucky; at least they are sure of working hard and seeing results. I on the other hand, even after working hard, nothing (positive result) is guaranteed. I won’t say I’m cursed but life has been pretty tough for me.

Do Not Mix Emotions “Hormones” With Work

Mixing emotions, well in my case "hormones" at work "makeup artistry training" is such a bad idea. You'll just end up feeling like crap and disappointed.

Most training is Nigeria is a total waste of your money, time and energy Taking a class in this country can be quite daunting because most times, these so called trainers or owners of the organization are just looking to make some extra cash. It’s actually a Spa where they give facials, body massage, mix cream and make people up. The owner decided to also make it a training center as well as make extra bucks (which is a bad idea for a trainee). Why this is a bad idea – this is already a place for business where clients come in and out; therefore, if you do not have a separate room or hall for your training, it would just be a joke. It was when I joined, I discovered this; it was (still there) very unprofessional and total waste of my money (Yep, it is only in Nigeria you pay for a training and get robbed; of yo…