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Do Not Mix Emotions “Hormones” With Work

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Mixing emotions, well in my case "hormones" at work "makeup artistry training" is such a bad idea. You'll just end up feeling like crap and disappointed.

Most training is Nigeria is a total waste of your money, time and energy
Taking a class in this country can be quite daunting because most times, these so called trainers or owners of the organization are just looking to make some extra cash. It’s actually a Spa where they give facials, body massage, mix cream and make people up. The owner decided to also make it a training center as well as make extra bucks (which is a bad idea for a trainee). Why this is a bad idea – this is already a place for business where clients come in and out; therefore, if you do not have a separate room or hall for your training, it would just be a joke. It was when I joined, I discovered this; it was (still there) very unprofessional and total waste of my money (Yep, it is only in Nigeria you pay for a training and get robbed; of your money and sanity).

The makeup teacher arrives late, sometimes does not show up, no make-up kits were given to us and whenever she shows up, she either has a client or she’s telling you to get a model and when you do, she’ll say there are no products. The class was meant to be for three months and I spent two months learning how to draw brow and wasting my transport fare.

What happened yesterday?
Yesterday was one of those ‘crappy’ days, I wasn’t feeling too strong (I was just concluding my drugs for fever and approaching my menstrual cycle which can be very excruciating and puts me in a very angry, emotional and weak mood) to go to class or work as some of the students would say but since I promised the new trainee (a nice young married lady) I would be there so we could use each others face to practice, I had to show up.
I got there before her, PHCN disconnected the Spa’s electricity (in other words…no light) so I joined the skin care trainees for a light chat before my partner in makeup arrives. Guessed she was on her way after I called because she didn’t pick.  Some minutes later, she shows up and we said hello but due to no light and everywhere was really hot, she walked back to the reception to cool off. Normally, the owner of the Spa orders her workers to put the generator on when she is around but since she wasn’t around and there was no client, she ordered them not to from home (I know right?! People paid you to train them and they are not good enough to enjoy electricity while they take their classes, how rude!). Anyways, we had to open the blinds and try to get some work done. My married friend started with my face by 1:15pm and ended by 3:10pm or thereabout and I took over (note that I just have less than an hour to do the same thing – brow and eye).
Meanwhile, we have another trainee, the only guy (still in the university, so probably in his twenties). I can be quite a goody too shoes and it has got me in hot water most of the time but I can’t help who I am…

The problem & I how I think it began
This young man usually don’t have  people to use their faces to makeup since they can’t use his face in return, so I offered my face  and gave him my brushes  to use ,since he didn’t have the right brushes yet. After using my brushes and my face, I went to the rest room to change and when I got back he had gone home- these happened few weeks ago. While I was packing and clearing up, I noticed my brushes I gave him were missing. I quickly called him to inform him but he did not pick up. After eight missed calls, he sends me a message to text him that his phone has issues (he didn’t have my number at the time), so I replied, asking if he was with them and he replied that he dropped them at the table. I called back and he picked but I could not hear what he was saying, so I sent him another message, telling him they were not there, that he should check his bag (might I add, that I used the word Please). It became an sms chat about him telling me he is not with it and me getting pissed by his lack of remorse and why he dropped them on the table instead of returning them to me. So I told him to get them at the next class and I don’t want to know how.
The next class was two days after that day, as I got there, the cleaner told me she saw them in the trash. The guy on the other had was sleeping in the next room (or pretending to be), I allowed him to complete his nap. So when he finally woke up and he walked to where I was and called my name (that’s his own form of greeting) and asked if I had seen my brushes, I replied “how I’m I supposed to find them?” and he kept on going about how he dropped them and had the effrontery to ask “what the brushes were again” like he can’t remember the brushes I gave him, then he arrogantly said “so I can buy them”. I just kept silent... After the cleaner gave me the brushes, I washed then and never spoke of it again.
 I didn’t show up to class for days, because I was short on cash and the place is quite far. During those days, I didn’t show up, some of the girls were talking about me and how I reacted (My new friend, the married young lady told me). So the day I showed up, the arrogant boy called my name and started showing me makeup brushes, asking if mine was among them and I said he shouldn’t worry that I have seen them. He asked where I saw them; I told him and didn’t speak of it again. Everything was back to normal, I even allowed him use my face for the second time. (It was an arrangement so I could use the married lady’s face).

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Back to what happened yesterday
Until yesterday, we were all chatting and making each other up and I joined in the conversation (well, not entirely cause I had to stay still for my married friend to use my face). The young man was helping the married lady rip her jeans (he converts plain jeans into ripped jeans). He was through and got a broom and packer (meanwhile, the trainee that was supposed to pack for the day, did not show up) and since I saw him with a broom and packer ,I just felt he would help with the general packing as well, since it was in the same room. So I called his name out and asked “will you pack today”? And he says “no, that he is to pack on Saturdays according to the roster and that other days we’ve been absent, that he cleans.  I jokingly said “other days? It’s just you and I doubt that you make a mess” and he says “whenever anyone shows up to work, they should pack’’, his voice was getting really loud and I asked why he was raising his voice at me. The married friend said “it’s okay, I’ll pack today” (since she is not in the roster, as a VIP student and since she is friends with the owner and comes around whenever she is free). The arrogant boy continued the rant and asked me “since you made the roster how many times have you packed?” And I got pissed replying “what sort of question is that and why is he talking to me like that”? Before we knew it, the atmosphere got really tensed and he said a lot of things that made me think this is personal (you know…the brush incident). The ladies at the Spa came in to control the tension and he kept shouting at the top of his voice “is it because he composes himself that look I’m a street boy”, lol. I just told him I don’t blame him and walked to the restroom.

My married friend said she was disappointed in me “i like to say things the way they are, you are my friend though I have not known you that long, I never expected this from you, you shouldn’t have responded to his comments. He is a small boy and obviously not in the same class as you, you are a graduate”....blah blah blah. I tried to speak but I was too upset to but I knew in some way, I did mess up, he was immature and unstable “street boy”, I should have known better, though a part of me still feels it was personal cause he is always friendly with the other girls, and the married lady (It’s probably cause she is married – they adore married people in this country) no matter how they spoke to him. I’m also saying it’s personal because I never expected it to go that far but it did and I know why on my part;
·         Everywhere was really hot and I was on medication and irritated
·         My period mood swing just kicked in
·         And part of the fact that I’m jobless enough to entertain such madness.

Most times people misunderstand me; I get it if it’s in my writing but not when it’s face to face (sadly people do). These type of people already have an idea of who you are by just seeing you and not getting to know you, that when you open your mouth, it’s that notion of who they think you are that they are listening to not what you are actually saying. So, as I said, it’s not his fault, it’s mine; for participating and assuming I was surrounded by like minds that understood me despite my moods.

The moral of this story; if you don’t feel like doing something (or in my case, going out), don’t do it!  (At the end of that day, I had less than an hour to practice my work ‘makeup’, was sweating and irritated, ended up not doing the work and got insulted in the process) and if you must, learn to control or avoid these factors that could bring out that negative side of you; by either choosing to be silent and instead of assigning a shore to someone (in any form you choose to do it), do it yourself!


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