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What Do You Think Women Want? Part 2

The Rich Guy And then there are the ones that have money and feel like their money should speak for them, that they don’t have to do anything. They either take you on a date and brag about their money or take you to their offices, homes and on their exotic cars. Then when the relationship doesn’t go well, they say you are a gold digger. What do you expect? You just showed her that you can provide for her that you are the “man”. Don’t get me wrong, we all love money, but it’s not everything .

What Do You Think Women Want?Part 1

We all say we want commitment, you know a man that can commit. But then, what does this commitment mean to us exactly? What is our definition of commitment? We date a fun guy that maybe his own definition of commitment is taking a woman or his lady, on several dates and when I mean date, i mean lots of dates so he could get in bed with her or probably she could use her initiative and give him what he wants.

What I'm I Doing With My Life? Part 5

The next morning was a Sunday, while I was asleep ,he was on call with his sister (while we were dating ,he was really close to his sisters, so close it was kind of a deal breaker). After his call, we continued our conversation on where this could go and I played the good girl saying; “I don’t want to be the girl that comes between two people” and besides he was just in Lagos for a training and would be back to port Harcourt.   And I’m not quite good with distant relationship, he wasn’t saying much as usual and i was just blabbing to avoid the awkwardness. I left his hotel at twelve noon and in the bus, I was thinking about him and how I have missed him and wanted to be with him.

What I'm I Doing With My Life? Part 4

Back then, we didn’t have Whatsapp, it was BBM. I sent him a message, it delivered but he didn’t receive it. The next day was a Saturday and I was supposed to see him as usual, so I called him; he said he won’t be at home, that he will be attending a burial with his brother’s ex and then in the evening he would be going for choir practice. So I backed my bag for my journey back to Lagos; the plan was to go to his house and leave for the airport the next morning but since he didn’t want to see me, I had to leave from my girlfriends place.

What I'm I Doing With My Life? Part 3

That was the beginning of our relationship. Dating your best friend is the best feeling in the world and one can only hope it last cause if it doesn’t, you lose your friend forever and for me that’s the worst thing. Port-Harcourt was like a strange land to me; didn’t have relations there, just friends from school (mostly guys) and NYSC days. But this guy was like my friend and family; my weekends were spent at his house and week days at work. We dated for three months but it felt like the longest relationship…in a good way.

What I'm I Doing With My Life? Part 2

It was a Sunday and this friend (who later turned out to be my ex) called me up and he said;”hi, how are you doing? I’m in port-Harcourt, where are you?” And I mentioned where I was and he asked if I could meet him at a bus stop – which is half way from where I’m staying and to his house. This was around 8pm and I got to him in thirty minutes. We hugged, he looked excited, and we boarded a cab going towards his direction.

What I’m I Doing With My Life? Part 1

So this have been my life lately; eating junk, sleeping a lot during the day ,watching series (my sister downloaded Poldark),reading blogs and  more. After trying not to check my Facebook for a while failed; this happen because I was trying to share a blog post there, I got drawn to the seductive but depressing photos of my friends and their maybe-perfect-lives, that I could not stop scrolling till the bottom of the page. Then I noticed my Ex have finally left this God forsaken country (have you heard our president is not medically well? Foreign currency rates are high, since we import literally everything here, food items are ridiculously expensive, people are getting laid off…do I need to continue?), and a part of me was happy for me and the other part felt sad cause we might never get back together again. 

Why I am Currently Unemployed?

Photo: Google I’ve not always had things go my way, right from the time I was born. Things have always been very difficult; I was never a “lucky” person. I always struggled for everything; to be loved, make sure I do things excellently…It’s a cycle! My siblings on the other hand, though they work really had, they are always very lucky; at least they are sure of working hard and seeing results. I on the other hand, even after working hard, nothing (positive result) is guaranteed. I won’t say I’m cursed but life has been pretty tough for me.

Do Not Mix Emotions “Hormones” With Work

Photo: Google Mixing emotions, well in my case "hormones" at work "makeup artistry training" is such a bad idea. You'll just end up feeling like crap and disappointed. Most training is Nigeria is a total waste of your money, time and energy Taking a class in this country can be quite daunting because most times, these so called trainers or owners of the organization are just looking to make some extra cash. It’s actually a Spa where they give facials, body massage, mix cream and make people up. The owner decided to also make it a training center as well as make extra bucks (which is a bad idea for a trainee). Why this is a bad idea – this is already a place for business where clients come in and out; therefore, if you do not have a separate room or hall for your training, it would just be a joke. It was when I joined, I discovered this; it was (still there) very unprofessional and total waste of my money (Yep, it is only in Nigeria you pay fo

Introducing Life And Dating Naija

Hello friends! This blog is about life and dating in Nigeria "naija" (because I’m a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria, Duh!lol). It will cover the life of Nigerians; family, work, dating, relationships and more… Basically, the challenges of life and how we deal with it. This blog will be sharing past, present and future stories. I opened it because I feel I have a lot to say and most times family and friends come to me for relationship advice; opposite sex, same sex, co-workers and I decided someone can benefit from what I have to say.