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Happy New Year in Advance

Introducing Life And Dating Naija

Hello friends!

This blog is about life and dating in Nigeria "naija" (because I’m a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria, Duh!lol). It will cover the life of Nigerians; family, work, dating, relationships and more… Basically, the challenges of life and how we deal with it.

This blog will be sharing past, present and future stories. I opened it because I feel I have a lot to say and most times family and friends come to me for relationship advice; opposite sex, same sex, co-workers and I decided someone can benefit from what I have to say.

It (life and dating naija) will be about love, relationships, people, family, work, sex, dating and life in general.  Life and dating is for anyone that needs help in this area of their life or hope to avoid future mistakes. They say;” experience is the best teacher” but some people don't have to experience it, they can listen to someone else’s experience and learn from it. That’s why we have leaders and followers, not everyone can be both.

You can get involved with this blog by commenting and with time, we would accept guest posting where you can also share your experience and connect with like-minded people.

The goal of this blog is to connect people to help each other grow in life, knowing that we are all going through the same thing regardless of where you are from, therefore making the world a better place. Hopefully in the future, providing a platform for people to not just connect online but meet each other in person to begin a healthy relationship in life, business and so on. 

PS: The blog is not just for Nigerians alone, anyone from any part of the world can share your views on life. I mentioned Nigeria because that is where I live and have lived most of my life. And i also want you to have an idea of where I’m from but it will remain anonymous, so there won’t be any limit to my creative writing. I hope you understand. You can email me at for any advice you might need. With time I will figure out my post schedule and update you on that but for now you gonna have to keep checking the blog for updates.

Thank you and happy reading!


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