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My Dating Experience : My First Love Part 3

The next day , I felt so guilty and bad that I decided to make amends with my boyfriend since it was loneliness that made me do what I did in the first place.

I Had a Thing with my Neighbor {part 2}

I visited him one Sunday (either he comes to my apartment or I go to his) and we got freaky – I’ve never really enjoyed head in my thirty something years, I really don’t know why. Some say it’s probably the guy but I’m thinking what if it’s not *sigh*, they (not all guys I date I give head, just three to be precise) seem to enjoy it when I give them though. Anyways, we were laying on his bed and talking – then he mentions his girlfriend suspecting he has met someone new since she noticed he wasn’t communicating as he used to.

I Had a Thing With My Neighbor {Part 1}

Well when I say a “thing” I don’t mean a fling, I barely do flings (and don’t judge anyone that does) –so it wasn’t a fling, what was it then? You ask…to be honest i don’t know but it was something. This happened when I got my own apartment , I didn’t know what to expect or to do what I did (trust me it wasn’t that big a deal…or was it? hmmm, maybe). I was just a single gal, looking for privacy and trying to make ends meet.

My Dating Experience : My First Love 2 {Cont'd}

The pageant was going on smoothly, I was just sitting watching my boyfriend talk and giggle with his best friend’s cousin like I wasn’t even there. They went on a music break and to ignore my boyfriend’s behavior, I went to the dance floor and saw a friend from my pre-science days with his male friend and we just started dancing together. As I danced I checked on my boyfriend to see if he was watching me or jealous I was dancing with someone else but he wasn’t looking my way.

Hello 2018,Please Be Good To Me

Hey Y’all, How are you all doing? Hope great, happy New Year once again…how is the New year looking on you? Looks promising right? I hope so. Anyways I planned to make some changes in my life this year and today is day one; I got up by 4am, jumped on the stationary bike and now I’m writing this post.