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My Dating Experience : My First Love 2 {Cont'd}

The pageant was going on smoothly, I was just sitting watching my boyfriend talk and giggle with his best friend’s cousin like I wasn’t even there. They went on a music break and to ignore my boyfriend’s behavior, I went to the dance floor and saw a friend from my pre-science days with his male friend and we just started dancing together. As I danced I checked on my boyfriend to see if he was watching me or jealous I was dancing with someone else but he wasn’t looking my way.

So after the music break, I walked out of the hall and he noticed I was leaving and met me outside the hall. He asked if I was leaving, and I said I was. He asked why and I said “it’s not fun anymore” that I was tired and needed to rest. He offered to walk me to the hostel but all I was thinking was he was happy I was leaving so he could act anyhow he likes. I was upset and I told him he didn’t even talk to me while we were there and he accused me of dancing with different guys.  I told him they were my friends and he knew them that since he didn’t notice me I decided to go where I was noticed (PS: Ladies stop trying to make your man jealous, you only end up looking stupid and disappointed…any guy that is for you won’t give you any reason to make him jealous). We had an argument and I walked away, back to my hostel.

The next day I just told myself I was over reacting and it was probably PMS, so we met up and continued like nothing happened. I was (still hot) one of the most popular and hottest girls in school, that girls wanted to be me and guys wanted to date me. Back in school, girls where interested in my boyfriend not cause of money (his from an average family) or looks (he looked like Pharrell Williams) but the fact that I was dating him, they wanted to know what made him thick -why out of all the guys that asked me out, I chose him. But being a naïve young guy, he taught it was all about him or there was something spectacular about him and each time I complained, I was nagging or intimidated by these girls, lol.

At some point, his friend’s cousin told her roommates that she was crushing on him after acting like she was my friend. I was so pissed off by that, that I gave her the distance. And each time I see him with her, we quarrel about it but I never told him what she said. I would just tell him how uncomfortable I was with their relationship but he would assure me that it’s just platonic, that he sees her like a little sister. Most of our fights always involved him being too friendly with ladies. So we had one of them ‘our fights’ as usual and I since I visit him most of the time, I decided not to go to his lodge and he didn’t bother seeing me either. But since I was close to his friend, he sent me a ‘hello’ message and I replied. I thought his friend knew we were having problems and was trying to talk to me about my boyfriend…you know like a mediator. So I replied his ‘hello’ message.

My boyfriend’s best friend loved rock music and hard some cool collections, so he told me he had some new songs and that was how our chat continued. It was totally innocent until it became normal night chats (back then there was no social media, it was just sms). I was enjoying his company that it took my mind away from my boyfriend troubles, I even told my roommate and she warned me not to get out of hand. So one evening as we chatted, he said it’s been a while he saw me around (since I wasn’t visiting my boyfriend) and I told him I had been busy. So he suggested we meet in class once in a while and I agreed since I was bored and I enjoyed his company.

So one night, at 10pm I went to class (students go to class to read till day break) and I meant him there. We sat outside and I asked him of my boyfriend –he told me he was good, that his cousin ‘that female cousin that is crushing on him’ was with him when he left them. That really pissed me off since I was expecting him to miss me or tell his friend to talk to me but instead he is hanging out with the one person I wasn’t fond of at the moment. Somehow I didn’t feel bad that I was meeting up with his best friend and just went on talking about other things. We talked about rock artist, music, how I loved to sing and how he has a band back home and pitched that I join them. It got so personal – I told him I was still a virgin and he told me his girl was still a virgin as well. The weather started changing and I was getting cold, he touched my palms and noticed I was getting cold and offered his jacked to keep me warm. I wanted to leave but as I got up it started raining. Normally, I loved people carrying me, like lifting me with their backs or arms… we talked about weight somehow and he insisted I wasn’t heavy, that he could lift me up even while sitting down. I dared him and he lifted me up like a little girl as he sat down and drew me close to him -he was so strong and manly and I could feel his heartbeat as it rained, there was silence and the only thing I could feel/hear was his breath and heartbeat.

No one was saying anything and we were too close for comfort, his presence was so warm, I couldn’t move and he planted a kiss on my lip. It lasted for fifteen seconds, and then I pulled away. I wasn’t expecting that but the scenario did not help matters.  He said he was sorry and I was just confused and said he shouldn’t have that I have to tell my boyfriend. He begged me not to that it would ruin their friendship and his relationship, that we should let it go and he promise he would never do it again. And I assured him that this meeting would never happen again.

We parted ways; I went to my hostel and he walked to his lodge. This was around 12 am and I ran to my room and told my friend what happened. She said she wasn’t surprised this happened, that we were getting to close. I said I want to tell my boyfriend but he begged me not to, she said I should do what feels right as long as I don’t make that mistake again.
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