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2017 Was a Roller-coaster but 2018 will be Great –Happy Holidays LD Readers!!!

Wow, it’s been two weeks since my last post. I’m so sorry guys, a lot have been going on – from some of my post you would know I’m mostly in control of things around the house and no! I am not married yet but I’m dealing with my mum and siblings. In other words, I give my mum a break during the festive seasons and take care of the cooking and things that needs to be fixed (hmmm, not just festive season for this one). Anyhow, I hope to make it up to you next year, yep! Just few hours to 2018 (started writing this post at 8:08pm -Nigerian time).

My Dating Experience : My First Love 2

After spending few months with my elder sister that lives on her own, I got admission into the university. I was so excited but had no idea what to expect; the thought of being in another state for four years made me nervous but luckily I wasn’t alone, my brother got admission there as well. Since I didn’t have a space in the hostel yet, I had to crash at a childhood friend’s place and my bro did the same- there was no boys’ hostel, just girls hostel.

My Dating Experience : My First Love

I liked reading at night in class as well as some of our classmates and that was where we met most of the time. After some hours of reading we take walks outside and talk in the moonlight, it was so romantic. We discussed about our families; though I didn’t tell him I was from a broken home just yet, his dad was late at the time and he shared memories of him. I began to get comfortable with him that there was no other guy I was interested in. We shared our first kiss one night our class mate (it was a pre-degree program) had a party; I could not attend because my brother ordered me not to and surprisingly he ‘my first love’ didn’t attend as well. Before then I could not meet with him cause some guys reported me to my elder brother and he warned me not to go out with my him but I was miserable without him – I could not sleep and I kept thinking about him so I decided to go to class to keep my mind busy, I never knew I would meet him there.