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My Dating Experience : My First Love 2

After spending few months with my elder sister that lives on her own, I got admission into the university. I was so excited but had no idea what to expect; the thought of being in another state for four years made me nervous but luckily I wasn’t alone, my brother got admission there as well. Since I didn’t have a space in the hostel yet, I had to crash at a childhood friend’s place and my bro did the same- there was no boys’ hostel, just girls hostel.

As I began my registration, I wondered if my boyfriend got admission as well and when I get to see him - his number was not reachable so there was no way to reach him. You know that feeling where you are dying to see someone and when the time is fast approaching you don’t want to see them just yet? That was how I felt. I always like to know the outcome of something before it happens and if I don’t, I just get nervous and stress about it. Anyways, after doing general registration, the next phase was departmental registration and as I sat outside, I saw him. He walked passed me with a male and female friend but he didn’t see me. After going days without seeing him, he wasn’t on my mind that day and I wasn’t expecting to see him. I watched him as he passed me by and didn’t want him to see me.

After a few hours, he came back to where I was doing my registration and we met. He still looked cool and suave as always, I fluster each time I see him but try really hard to hide it.

Before we met at the main campus, we had a little misunderstanding on the phone about how he barely called but as we saw each other we let it go and began to catch up. He also explained why his number was unreachable; his phone battery died. So he asked for my number because I used a call center to call him most of the time. It was really nice seeing him and I didn’t know what to expect. It was really exciting starting this chapter in my life -being away from home and meeting new people

The day was a weekday, so we planned to see the day after which was a school day, and since i was through with my registration, I followed him to his lodge. He was squatting with his friend at the time, so we talked, had a few make out sections. His friend’s girlfriend stopped by and he introduced me as his wife and she said “where is the ring?” and we both laughed it off. The way she acted, it didn’t seem like she was happy to see me. I didn’t know why at the time but I found out it was because she thought he was into his best friend/her boyfriend’s cousin and they had no idea I existed before the introduction. The cousin was the female friend I saw him with when he walked passed me during my registration; I found out later. And guess what? I had a crush (well admired him) on his best friend before I met him, so it was a little awkward when I met him and I hoped it won’t be a problem.

I got to meet his friends and their girlfriends and lodge mates. Though I’m a likeable person, I love to be on my own most of the time and have few friends I am really close to.  His friends’ girlfriend was a terrible cook but each time I cooked, they were all interested .One weekend I was with the guys and looked at their photo album (I suspected it was the guy I had a crush on before i started my prescience program but I wasn’t sure),I saw an old photo of him with an afro and the shirt he wore the day I saw him and that was how I confirmed he was the one. As a free spirited person, I told the guys that I had seen him (my boyfriend’s best friend) before and that I admired him, I didn’t know it was going to be used against me someday. They all laughed and he was like; “really? Wow, small world, how come I didn’t see you” and I said “I don’t know…it happens “.
I thought it was the end of the awkwardness but it was just the beginning. I said it because I was in love with my boyfriend and I was being free with the guys. Anyways, things were going good for us; I finally got a space in the hostel and he got his own place and a roommate. I spent some weekends with him, cooked for him and his friends. I met his best friends’ cousin and she was nice to me but also after my boyfriend; really didn’t know what went on with them before I resumed school. She was always around her cousin’s place which was very close to where my boyfriend stayed and my boyfriend was entertaining her advances.

One Friday night, I was having menstrual cramps and relaxing in the hostel but they were having a Miss Mass Communication pageant and one of my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriends was a contestant so they had to attend as a group. I had no idea since I was the new girl and didn’t really warm up to the girls… only for my boyfriend to show up with his friends in front of my hostel and sent his friend’s cousin to tell me to join them so we could attend the party. Normally, I wouldn’t have gone especially in my condition but I wasn’t comfortable with him going with his friend’s cousin so I had to get up, dress up and follow them to the party.
At the hall, my boyfriend sat in between me and the chic. And since I was having cramps I didn’t really talk much and I just sat there as both of them stood to watch the show and made some inside jokes, I felt like the third party. His best friend on the other hand was trying to make me feel like I belonged there; sometimes he would look at me when he hears something funny and we would laugh or I’ll just smile.

Dating experience: First love Part 1 and Introduction


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