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2017 Was a Roller-coaster but 2018 will be Great –Happy Holidays LD Readers!!!

Wow, it’s been two weeks since my last post. I’m so sorry guys, a lot have been going on – from some of my post you would know I’m mostly in control of things around the house and no! I am not married yet but I’m dealing with my mum and siblings. In other words, I give my mum a break during the festive seasons and take care of the cooking and things that needs to be fixed (hmmm, not just festive season for this one). Anyhow, I hope to make it up to you next year, yep! Just few hours to 2018 (started writing this post at 8:08pm -Nigerian time).

I just want to say 2017 have been a roller-coaster for me; from hooking up with my Jehovah witness ex to a guy that was crushing on me in school, to losing my job, starting a business, having a thing with my neighbor (why have I not written this post yet?), meeting perverts in the name of jobs, attending a make-up school where they were unprofessional to moving back to my mother’s house with no job or money. Yeah, it was something! But you know the funny thing? I am still every hopeful. Yes I know, I say that every year but I have a good feeling about this one. I’m not going to lie to you, losing my job twice was frustrating and demoralizing and it became worse when I moved to my mum’s house ( I don’t know if its cause to see a vehicle out of the estate was difficult or I wasn’t just motivated)  but I finally chose courage and determination and I’m working towards getting back in shape, writing more and applying for jobs.

Due to what I experienced this year, I gave up on a lot, including myself –my health precisely and its affecting how I work (from home of course) ,so what I hope to do next year is;

Exercise and eat right
You know I really let myself go this past few months and it took quite a toll on me; I’ve become so heavy and lazy, my clothes still fit surprisingly (maybe it’s because they were a little bigger when I got them, I don’t know) but my weighing scale is telling me otherwise, my knee hurts and when I climb up the stairs I pant a lot. This is not good for a young lady in her early thirties like me, so I have to do something about it. Therefore, I’ll be exercising for at least thirty minutes every day which is great if combined with a clean diet (but boy! are fruits expensive?! – I do my best on this part) ;vegetables ,fruits ,healthy snacks, lots of water, sleep well, no sugary drinks, more protein, less carbs and so on… you know the drill.

Wake up Early
This should be the first thing right since I have to get up early to exercise, lol. Anyways, I have to take this one really seriously. Though I am a night owl and it makes me sleep throughout the day, I have to find a way of being a morning person.  You know most successful people are morning people? And I want to be successful so I have to start acting like one. I’m sure y’all know waking up early have so many benefits; you get things done more when you wake up early and in my case that I share a room with my sister and she can be quite annoying and distracting, she sleeps through the morning sometimes and waking up early would enable me do more before she wakes up. Some of you might be your kids, spouse or what not. So trust me, if you don’t have any New Year resolution, if you can do this next year, a lot will change in your life – in a good way.

Be more spiritual

Yes I go to church, say my prayers and fast sometimes but it’s not enough. Everybody has what get them through their day and for me is having my peace – which involves my relationship with God. I’m not where I need to be spiritual and I let a lot of things get in my way; if it’s not my relationships with men, it’s friends, my job  or one thing or the other but in 2018 I hope that will change.  I hope to be closer to God because He is the author and finisher of my faith.

Write more/ publish often
Ah, this one cannot be overemphasized. You all missed me this few weeks right? I missed you all too and I felt sad that I could not share and post some stories with you. Next year would be different; I think my problem is I always want to publish long post and that’s why it takes like a week before I share a post. I guess what I would do know is post what I want to regardless of the length so y’all can hear from me more often. What do you think? Let me know if that is fine too.

Learn to let go
This is so me but I am leaving it behind this year. Not letting go have cost me a lot of time that I cannot take back. Whether it’s moving on from an ex, getting angry over silly things, seeing things that are wrong and always having something to say about it. Well, all that will stop this year… you know why? They take a lot of my time and energy which in the process I lose myself sometimes. So, I definitely need my sanity in 2018 to be able to become the successful entrepreneur I am meant to be.
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Though I know I’ve been MIA for a while, it won’t be like that in 2018. I will try as much as I can to post as often as I should (everyday by God’s Grace). You know your girl needs a job? So I’m going to be very busy next year but it won’t stop me from sharing my ridiculous, funny and awkward stories that you enjoy from time to time. I just want to thank you all for reading this blog and staying true to it even with my disappearance. So this is me wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I pray that your great dreams come true and I wish your family well. Please no matter what challenges or trials and tribulations you are facing, just know that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”. No matter what you do, don’t give up on yourself; if you fall, get back up, keep moving, keep pushing. Shot out the loud voices and listen to your heart. 2018 is looking bright, are YOU ready? I know I am.

Thank you all for reading and please keep coming for your favorite stories; bookmark this site and subscribe for updates. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to -improve this blog, share on the comment section or send an email to God Bless you and yours… Happy New Year!!!


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