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What I'm I Doing With My Life? Part 2

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It was a Sunday and this friend (who later turned out to be my ex) called me up and he said;”hi, how are you doing? I’m in port-Harcourt, where are you?” And I mentioned where I was and he asked if I could meet him at a bus stop – which is half way from where I’m staying and to his house. This was around 8pm and I got to him in thirty minutes. We hugged, he looked excited, and we boarded a cab going towards his direction.
After twenty minutes, we got to his home; it was as homely as I remembered but a bit quiet since his mum and sisters were not back yet. It was just his cousin, himself and I. He took me to his sister’s room (where I slept the last time I visited) – it was a bit different from the last time, and he allowed me to freshen up. After freshening up he offered dinner but I told him I had already had dinner. So he asked if I had seen the movie ‘Twilight’ and I said no “just the previews”, he was surprised and urged me to see it. That it was his best movie yet –this was 2011 by the way… so he played the movie and as I watched, he ironed my work clothes (really sweet of him). But my mind was not in the movie because I was anxious; I needed to know why he brought me here.

After some minutes, I acted like I was tired and needed to go to bed. He asked if I was enjoying the movie and I said “I am, it’s just that tomorrow is my first day at work and I don’t want to be late.” And he said; “you should go to sleep then”. So I went to the room and lay down but I couldn’t sleep. He was in the living room watching the Twilight movie for the billionth time, lol. I kept twisting and turning until I decided to go back to the living room. His cousin was with him, so I walked to him and said: it’s really quiet in there, can you stay with me? Besides you said you have something to tell me”. And he said; yes I do, I’ll join you soon but I won’t be sleeping there”. And I said ok and went back to the room.

Still nervous about what he wants to say and him not showing up, I walked to the room door again, stood there and called out to him. So he got up and joined me in the room. Standing at the door while I sat on the bed, he said he won’t be staying long and I asked why not. He said; “because I have my own room and my cousin might tell on me when my folks show up”. So I said, “it’s okay, so what is it you want to tell me?” As she stood at the door, he said; “I think you already know”, I was looking confused (a part of me knew what he wanted to say but I wanted to hear him say it). And he said; “I have feelings for you, always have” and I said; “Always? “And he said; Yes, right from school days” and he came to sit with me on the bed. Before he did, I asked him to put off the light cause I figured he might be really shy talking about his feelings.

As he sat close to me on the bed and in the dark, I was smiling and I said; “wow, I suspected you have feelings for me but I didn’t know it was a while ago. Why didn’t you say anything all these while?” and he said;” you were dating someone then and after a while you got engaged, there was never a good time”. And I asked; “so why now?” And he said; “I just feel you should know, no matter the consequences”. The room was quiet for a while and our hands touched; I felt this electric feeling as we touched and before we knew it our lips locked. It was strange because the room was so dark but our lips touched on the first try without trying to locate each other. We had the most electrifying, passionate and intense kiss that I have ever had in my life -we kissed for so long, it was like we needed each other’s oxygen to breathe. Our clothes were coming off and in the middle of the kiss he whispers “we can’t do this now” and I asked “do what?” and he said “we can’t have sex under his mother’s roof”.  Our lips still pressed against each other, I assured him that we won’t. He kissed my tummy to my navel and back to my lips and gave me the most wonderful hand job I had ever gotten. I climaxed so high I didn’t even understand what my body was doing.

After our well-deserved foreplay (you know some foreplay are better than sex right?), we laid down together, cuddled and talked about school days. I couldn’t sleep with excitement and the fact that I barely sleep the first night in a new location. It was 1:00am and he urged me to sleep so I won’t be late for work, thanks to having an orgasm, I slept some minutes later. I woke up and he wasn’t at my bed side, so I had my bath, brushed my teeth and prepared for work. He saw me off to where I could get a cab to work. In the car, I kept thinking about the night before and how amazing it was, asking myself why we never did what we did all this while.

After work, I went back there since my clothes were at his place. His mum and sisters were back from the wedding. I said ‘hi’ to them, stayed a little while and he told me his mum asked if he used a condom since she heard I slept over the night before. I was surprised the mum could ask such question but we laughed it off. Later that same night I went back to my friend’s house – where I was staying at the time.
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