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9 Reasons Why i hate Being Jobless

Hate is a strong word and can only be used in this situation. Just sitting at home doing nothing can be very annoying (at least I have my blog to keep me busy but I also need money for data and stuff…so it’s still annoying). Anyways I would like to mention nine reasons (there are more reasons) I hate being jobless and I’m sure most of you can relate;

No money

Like this is the reason why most people work…to earn money. So imagine not having money to do stuff, as a lady we have a lot we do with money; like make our hair, buy toiletries or one thing or the other.  And some of us that don’t live with our parents that have to feed ourselves or the ones that are bread winners of the family or your parents are not working…imaging the frustration.

Being indoors

Oh my God, I can’t begin to express how overwhelming this can be. Don’t get me wrong I’m an introvert but staying indoors, doing the same thing over and over again can make one insane. Most times for me is; wake up, say my prayers, find something to eat, blog, write, watch TV series, clean the kitchen and my room, help my mum in the kitchen every single day, over and over – it’s exhausting.

Men treating you like they own you

The first time I lost my job, there was this guy I dated that felt because he was giving me money that he owned me. It was not just guys I dated, it was people that gave me money and felt like they were my God because they were giving me money and most times they made caricature of me that I hope to make so much money some day and pay them everything (and more) they gave me . I know it’s not easy to give people money, I feel terrible when I beg for money (and I’m not given or they give me condition) –it makes me feel worthless.
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People making you feel like you are lazy

When I try to chat with some people on whatsapp, Facebook and co, they ask what I do; sometimes I try not to tell them what I do by saying “business”, other times I tell the truth and either they don’t chat with me again or they start asking if I have applied here or there, like I’m not even being serious with my life or they don’t know the situation of the country.

Giving room to people you have no business with in the first place

This really hit home after a guy I met on twitter in 2014 and I’ve been very close to, though we have not seen eye to eye told me; “I’m getting married this year oh…so we got few months to meet and have fun and…whatever else”.  Do you know how I felt when I saw that message? I know you might say but you guys have not seen and you met on twitter…you won’t understand why I was upset. And yes I usually joke with that (about getting married soon and he should hustle so we could vacation before then) but I wasn’t actually getting married soon, it was a joke. But it wasn’t for him; this is a guy that I spent my day and nights chatting, calling and keeping communication like we were dating.

Yes I thought about being married to him but it didn’t feel right and I knew he wasn’t my husband but I just regretted wasting my time chatting with him for three years (non-stop) instead of focusing on myself and also the fact that he considers me for just a good time and not marriage (even though I wasn’t planning on marrying him). The annoying this is that, I met him before I lost my job and when I lost my job I became so attached to hearing from him. Friends, this is what being jobless does to one.

Stalking your exes on social media

When you are obviously jobless, you check social media to see what your friends and ex are up to and it only makes things worse. Normally when my relationship ends I move on, though not immediately but I don’t go on social media to check them but since I have nothing doing…they say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so…this is why being jobless sucks.


I’m a night owl but there is a difference between being a night owl and not just sleeping. Most nights I am awake, thinking about my life or trying not to, checking social media or just doing anything to take my mind off my unfortunate situation.

Confused and lost

Being jobless makes me confused and lost especially when I find myself doing the same thing every single day and not getting results or seeing improvements. Yes, I know what I am meant to do and what I love but when things are not going the way I hope, it makes me second guess myself. Right now nothing seems to be working; still figuring out how to start earning from my passion so my family would start being supportive with my dreams and won’t have to pressure me to get another quack job, I have no relationship…it’s just a lot. Sometimes I ask myself is this God’s plan for me? I keep struggling but nothing seems to be happening for me.

In all of these, money is the most frustrating part. Do you know what it means to not be able to buy what you feel like eating, go where you feel like going, not being able spoil family and friends with gifts on their birthday and festive season, not being able to help people in need because you are also in need. It’s not a great way to live; it takes someone really strong to be able to survive being jobless. But as I always say, I won’t give up. I enjoy writing and intend to do it for as long as I can and if I die of hunger while doing it, it’s better that doing nothing. And one day I will reap what I sow…as a friend of mine would say “it’s too late to give up”.

I'm sure there are a lot of reasons why one would hate being unemployed but these are mine. Anyways, this is why I hate being jobless. How about you guys? What’s your experience being without a job and how do you overcome it?


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