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My dating experience :My First Love Part 5

It was the first semester of my final year,i was preparing for my exams and living with my boyfriend - it wasn't  a wise choice.  Sometimes, we (my boyfriend and I)  would study together, other times I'd go for night class and study there. I got used to my boyfriend not making me a priority, keeping late nights, being too friendly with his female neighbors and probably cheating that I was just not interested anymore. We were just living like roommates...

After my exams,we had a usual fight I could not remember what about and I had to go back to my room I share with my course mate.  She was not around when I arrived so I slept there. After class the next day I went back there ;I was so bored I had to call a guy that was asking me out since my year one who also turned out to be a friend.  He gladly came around and we sat on the bed and talked. I was just so tired of my boyfriend bringing up that kiss with his best friend each time we fight that I didn't care what I was about to do.
As we talked,this guy came closer;  he probably knew I was having boy troubles and was vulnerable...and we kissed.
 He was a good kisser but I knew I had to stop before things got out of hand, since i still love my boyfriend and we are just having a rough patch. So told him to stop, he asked "why" and I said I'm still with my boyfriend but he kept saying how he has always been into me and I reminded him that he was also dating my friend (well, she became friends with me so I don't date him cause she knew he was into me) . It was getting dark on a Friday evening and I told him he has to go before we do what we would both regret.  He got up and I walked him to the gate and back to my room.  Few minutes later my boyfriend showed up and apologized and I followed him back to his lodge. We were strolling to his lodge when some guys attacked us with guns asking for our phones. I dodged at his back and heed my purse, so he handed over his own phone. I was so shocked, that was my first experience with robbers. I was shaking (somehow I felt I think was punishment for kissing that guy) and he comforted me,we held each other and decided not to be outside the house when it's dark anymore.

One afternoon after my exams ,I came back and took the back door where I saw him trying to remove something from his female neighbors' chest.  Angrily, I walked pass them and went in to the room.  He came in and asked what he was doing with his neighbor and he said he was trying to get something off her chest... Before he could finish that statement I slapped him (did I mention I used to be hot tempered?) . Before he could say another word I slapped him again; it was like I wanted answers but he was saying everything wrong and I was getting furious and just wanted to hit something but his face was the closest thing.  I kept yelling about how disrespectful he was to me on and off campus, doing whatever he likes with ladies like I don't exist. I was so mad that was looking for things to break that the neighbors were knocking to find out if we were okay - guys, it was not my proudest moment.  He told the neighbors everything was fine that they can go back to their rooms.

Tears fell down my eyes, he apologized,i told him I'm tired of having to worry about him cheating on me. I wasn't happy about myself too;I was filled with so much rage and resentment - I felt like I wasn't good enough and I was trying my best to make the relationship work. He assured me that he also wants to make it work and denied cheating on me.  We made amends after few hours of talking and crying and moved on like nothing happened. After my exams, we had another fight about a male friend that called me and a family friend that helped me with my seminar presentation . I went back to my lodge and the next morning, my boyfriend came to apologize and took me to a restaurant (something he has never done before - sometimes I feel like he didn't want people ladies to know he was in a relationship) . We had lunch and a few drinks, went home and made out.

The semester was over, it was time to head back home and for the first time, I wasn't sad that I was going home.

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