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My dating experience :My First Love Part 5 {Cont'd}

We arrived for second semester and it was my last semester in that School. I was excited cause I didn't have to worry about getting through with some courses; not like they were hard but you know they are some annoying lecturers that just enjoy failing people while some just want you to bribe them not to...Either way, I was excited but not too excited cause I would miss my friends.

I was still in a relationship but something changed about me; I knew what I wanted and how I wanted to be treated. I wasn't so crazy in love with my boyfriend, guess I was getting mature, it was nice. Meanwhile my boyfriend was also getting mature; he was on his industrial training, so it was just me, my studies and friends. I had a lot of time on my hands, my grades were not really second-class-upper ready and I was trying to make up for it in my last semester but unfortunately things don't work that way -i had a good second class lower(it was a 3._ havent gotten my transcript yet) though .

Side note: if you want to make a first class or second class upper, please start from your first and second year; make sure you get nothing less that As those first two years. It doesn't mean you wouldn't have to work hard in your third and fourth but it won't be as intense. And youll be more focused on your seminar and projects.

Anyways, you know I told you I have a roommate. Well, she was acting really weird and made me uncomfortable in the apartment I was equally paying for, that I just had to leave. The thing is, I'm the kind of person that loves my peace of mind and everyone elses, and if that means being on the losing side, then so be it. I paid a lot of money (for a student) for that apartment, it was my first time doing something as a grown up. You know when I think about it, I could pay for that place alone but I felt it would be awesome having a friend (well, I thought she was, she was just using me to get want she wanted) around.
So I had to leave and was crashing with my other friends who had an apartment off campus too.
They felt so bad for me and angry that my evil roommate did what she did, they wanted to threaten her. But I told them it was okay, that I just needed to concentrate on my project and final exams.


Sometime in July, I celebrated my birthday. My boyfriend came around to celebrate with me. I organized everything, the one thing he was supposed to do was to get a mixed CD but he said when he was leaving it wasn't ready and the DJ promised to get it for him but failed. Anyways, it was more of my friends and colleagues (none of his friends attended, dont know if it's was because they were on their IT or...), it was at my boyfriends' lodge. My boyfriend was being very nice, I was happy to have him around but I was being a b@tch (I can be very controlling when Im organizing or trying to prepare for something and just want everything to be perfect...guess youd say Im a perfectionist) about what I wanted and I was taking it out on him that my friend even noticed. He was trying to make everything perfect and I didn't even notice how much he has changed.

The party was over and everyone went to their lodge while my boyfriend spent the night with me and we cuddled till morning. It was nice but you know when a woman is fed up or decides to let go, its kind of hard to get back to how things used to be, especially when there is someone (the All talented Christian club ATC guy) different from what you are used to, making you feel like gold. The ATC guy is a graduate and works as an accountant in a firm, he is seven years older he also is the guy that called me when my dad died. Nothing was going on between us, I was just happy that I had someone mature I could talk to.

The next day, my boyfriend left for his industrial training. With the issues I was having with my roommate, and since I didn't want to inconvenience my other friends that were also leaving with their brother (well one of them), I decided to stay in my boyfriends apartment. His rent had not expired so I stayed there until it did. It was quite lonely in the lodge, there were three buildings and in each building there were six rooms. Some tenants were still living in the first building, the second was just me, and so my friends would come around to keep me company. We had sleepovers after studying at night. Exams were fast approaching, we were studying as usual and took a break, discussing about relationships and how hard they can get. And I opened up about how Im just tired of my boyfriends lying and cheating. They asked why I stayed and I said I don't know anymore.

Two nights before exams began, I was alone in the building and I slept off only to find out I was locked in the building. This was a honest mistake, the agent had no idea I was there since my boyfriend was her tenant and he left for his industrial training and no one was in the building, she assumed it was empty and locked it up that morning. I woke up, had my bath, dressed up and noticed the door was locked. I thought I was being punked, it was hilarious (well not so much, as something horrible could have happened like a fire outbreak or something -thankfully nothing like that happened). I called my friends to tell them what happened, they came around a few minutes later. I also called my boyfriend and he remembered he informed the agent he would be leaving for his Industrial training. So he called her immediately and assured me she would come around to open it, that he would try to come the next day. I was just in there, anxious and a little scared of the possible dangers.

An hour later, my friends came around and called out my name from outside, they asked if I had eaten something and poked fun at me for sleeping so deep that I didn't know someone came around and locked me was pretty funny actually ,lol. They spent some time with me and said they would have to break the door (I wonder how they would have done that) If nothing happens the day before exams, the agent didn't show up that night, I was getting worried and called my boyfriend, he said he was really sorry that she said she was out of town that she would get here the next day and he would definitely come around too. Ive slept alone in that room several times but this night was different, I felt caged and had no power over the building - a lot of bad thoughts came to my mind and it didn't help matters. That night was the longest night of my life.

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