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Why do I keep having dreams of my ex?

Okay, since last year I've been having dreams of my ex, who was also my first love. From, my dating experience, you can see why it didn't work out. Though, it was painful but it had to be done. After the breakup, I felt we had unfinished business or some closure to do  that each time we see it doesn't feel like we have. I barely dreamt about him but it became serious beginning of last year, that I had to buzz him on Facebook where he quickly told me he is engaged to be married as if I was trying to get him back. I wasn't trying to get him back, a part of me just wanted to know why I had that first dream which I barely have of him.

I wished him well after he told me of his engagement but I also thought "people get engaged, doesn't mean it would lead to marriage " - therefore I didn't take it seriously. After some time I had a three dreams in one week about him, one was where he asked me to marry him. Though I said yes in the dream but all I could think of was how he was a bad lover, lol. I asked myself why I'm having dreams about getting married to him when he is engaged to someone else but somehow the dream was telling me he was really getting married - I didn't know that at the time.  After seeing his wedding pictures on Facebook, I cried a little and told myself it was finally over for good; This was in December. Seven months after, another dream of my ex showed up. In the dream he was frustrated in his marriage and begging me to take him back - I hardly remember my dreams, all I know is he was there.  And I'm wondering why I'm still having dreams about him even after I deleted him on Facebook and decided not to check his photos on social media.
Though I'm not psychic, I believe dreams have meaning (unless you are having malaria) , sometimes not directly...
It could either mean that my subconscious wants him to feel like he made a mistake, though I don't want him back.
He is really frustrated in the marriage (is too soon though).
It's telling me I made a good decision by ending the relationship.
Or my ex stands for someone else in my life - that is either finding his was back to me or realize he made a mistake letting me go.
I don't know what it is but I would pretty much love to have an ex-free dream or someone should please interpret it for me.
The truth is, I really loved my ex and breaking up was one of the hardest things I had to do. He played a significant role him my life, being with him brought out the good and worst side of me. The worst side of me was really bad it was like I couldn't recognize myself.  So, he seems to be appearing in my dreams cause of that significant part he played on my life and my dream is trying to take me somewhere that I'm yet to figure out.
Why I'm I having dreams of my ex? Why is my dream choosing to use his face? The passed two years have been the worst time of my life; no job, no real relationship...I guess time will tell what these dreams truly mean.

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