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Why exercising might seem difficult

To be honest exercising is not my favorite thing in the world but it is important. You know… health wise.  A younger me hardly exercise and it took a toll on me when I clocked 30. Though I did some dancing in school and sports activities that involved competition –though, that was in primary school, lol. The thing is I only exercise when it’s fun or because i feel like it, which involved mostly dancing. And I do this like maybe twice amount, which was not enough.

During my university days, the only exercise I did was walking from one department to another and back to my hostel – it wasn’t enough but it helped. Sometimes I wished I did more but hey! I’m still here…I can only do my best right? In my last post I talked about things I regret doing in my life, well, not exercising earlier should have been one of them.  As a young girl I wasn’t really cautious about my body (what was good or bad for it),I ate whatever, never loved exercising, use any beauty product I see around the house… In my year two, there was this senior, Zoba, she would push me to join her and friends for a jog in the morning. I didn’t like jogging (still don’t) – especially cause of the way I breathe when I do it. So, each time she would look for me in the hostel, I‘d hide. I think I did it once and just couldn’t keep up.
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It was after school, I started paying attention to my body but exercise was still a challenge. I would try to find the right exercise that I would enjoy and won’t feel like a shore. There was no Shape or OK! Magazine I didn’t have, just looking for the perfect type of exercise for me. And since I was obsessed (um, not crazy obsessed) with celeb gossip, I began to appreciate how good they looked at 30, 40 even 50 that I wanted to look like that. Shakira’s La tortura music video did that for me, I loved how she could move ,I admired J’lo ,Britney Spears, and Gwen Stefani’s sic abs that I was motivated to exercise.  At some point I wanted to be skinny especially when I saw Megan Fox in transformers (yeah, she was not skinny ,rather very fit but to me, if I would have to look that slim, I’ll be skinny –since I’m big boned).

Anyways, wanting to look like this celebrities made me want to exercise and it didn’t last because it wasn’t a long term goal.  At some point Britney lost the abs…We had new hot pop stars and actresses coming out every week, besides they get paid for looking good. Who was paying me? – That’s what I thought. So I became inconsistent and less motivated. The thing is, I was doing these exercises but I didn’t change my diet and with this, i wasn’t seeing results so I quit. In my twenties, I only exercised when I felt motivated with one thing or the other. It was in my thirties, after I started having one health issues or the other; I realized i had to start watching what I put in my body.
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I realized how important being active is.  And since I told myself jogging is not for me unless I’m on a treadmill, and since I really don’t fancy going to the gym, I have to find what works for me. Luckily my sister got a stationary bike, I started using that one –though waking up and actually doing it was another challenge. Why this was a challenge was because I was setting ridiculous goals, it’s not that they were not achievable –it just wasn’t for a beginner. So when I do it for like two days, I’d tell myself I need rest cause my muscles will be so sore, in the next week I’m not even ready to climb the bike. In other words, I stop for another month or two and the cycle begins. Also my job was part of my laziness to be honest…not placing blame but it was difficult fixing time for a workout when I have to get up early for work and get back late from Mondays to Saturdays. So in my defense, it was a lot....

Exercise seemed difficult for me because I was setting ridiculous goals each time I want to begin; I want to lose 20kg in a month, look like Halle Berry ,fit into a dress that is clearly not my size, in a very short while. That was the wrong approach, because I realized I give up when I don’t meet up to my expectations. Another thing is, I didn’t include my health as a source of motivation.

Health should be your major source of motivation –people die of heart disease all the time and most times it’s due to lack of activity and obesity. Even if it’s just 20mins of exercise every day, you are good. When you set short time goals for exercising (anything!), there won’t be consistency and result might be temporary or there might be no results at all. Exercise should be a lifestyle – like brushing your teeth in the morning, praying, eating, taking a bath…whatever your morning ritual is. Just create time for it, do whatever works for you – don’t work out for an hour because someone you know or admire does it, especially when you are just starting out. Besides you might not even have as much time as the other person does, so work with your time.
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Exercise itself does not seem difficult; we all have the time and energy for it. Most times it’s our mental state that makes it seem like exercising is difficult. Sometimes our mind tells us we are not capable of something or that if we do it we might not succeed in it. Therefore we don’t even try but if you ignore that and just set a goal or look for a source of motivation (the long term one) to get you started, you’ll discover that it’s not so hard after all. So even if you don’t have abs like J’lo (she has a personal trainer to wake her in the morning and chef to prepare healthy meals) or Chris Hemsworth (for the men),it’s not the end of the world. What’s important is that you are keeping your heart pumped and preventing some sort of future sickness or diseases. Besides you would feel great and look great

Do I still love exercise, not there yet but I know I need it; I feel better when I do and it keeps my heart healthy, so what’s not to love? So my people, exercise is not that difficult (unless you are pumping iron, lol –even this is not difficult, it depends on what you like or are comfortable with), you just have to set a positive vibe around it, make it a lifestyle not a shore and as you begin little by little, it’ll be part of you and you’d do more.

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