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50 Awesome Ways to Make Your Life Better

50 awesome ways to make your life better
Don't we all want to better our lives? Of course, we do. Even though sometimes we feel like crap and don't want to do anything about it or even try, because what is the point. After all, we will all end up six feet, right?

Hmm, but the truth is, as long as we are in this world, we just want to be happy and live a fulfilled life where everything works and where we are loved by all -most importantly the ones that are really close to us.

I'll tell you this; our lives can't be hundred per cent but they could be close. And yes though we can't always feel accomplished but we can at least try. Here are a few ways (50 awesome ways actually) to make your life better.

1.       Pray

This one is a given, It doesn't matter your religion, as long as you believe in something. Praying to God for me is the best feeling, when I do, I feel lighter; it's like talking to a therapist (you might not get your answer immediately but if you listen closely you would.

I believe in God and he is my creator. He made everything that I have known for me, everything that I have done and I would still do. Therefore I always have to ask Him for guidance and just as you ask your earthly father for things, it's no different with God.

2.       Exercise

Working up a sweat is really great. Not just to look fit but to help with your heart and brain. Whenever I exercise, I have this feel-good feeling and the rest of my day just feels like I could take over the world- like I can do anything.

I try to start my day with exercise; I said try cause sometimes I just don't feel like it - it definitely takes discipline.

3.    Find a hobby or do what you love

For me it’s listening to music, watching thrilling movies and surfing the net. I also love to write uninterrupted. These things give meaning to one’s life – doing what you actually love either in your spare time or you are fortunate enough to do it for a living.

4.    Eat good food

When I say good food, I mean a balanced diet. Not just eating one type of food for some weeks even though it’s crap. Mix your meals with fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and good protein (depending on your health requirements).

5.    Travel the world

If you are fortunate to have a high-paying job, always try to travel to one country on every annual leave or quarterly break –depending on your job. 

Travelling the world opens you up to different cultures and people, it makes you realize that there is a lot to learn and be grateful for in this world.

Hope I am fortunate to do this soon.

6.    Make good friends

Quality, not quantity –the same goes with friends. Don’t waste your time with people that don’t add value to your life or are never there when you need them. You know the saying, show me your friends and I would show you who you are.

7.    Stay away from negativity

With a lot going on in the world and what we are constantly exposed to, it leads to seeing negative things and changing our moods. Try as much as you can to stay away from anything or anyone that feels toxic.

8.     Learn from experience

No matter how any situation turns out, always learn from it. It could be losing a partner or a job or an investment, always take the experience as a learning process and always look at the bright side – it could be worse.

9.       Be kind to people

Always be kind to people. Never look down on people or assume you are better than them. Everyone is unique in their own right and as they say “their faces are different, so are their problems”. Everyone is going through something, always be kind.

10.     Save 20% of your salary

If you are the type that loves to spend or has a hard time saving your income, just try to take out 20% of your salary every month and put it in a bank that you don’t have any credit card or mobile app for. You would be surprised how much you have saved in a year.

11.    Be focused

I struggle with this one a lot, with a lot of distractions these days –especially social media, it’s really difficult to focus. It is very necessary if you want to better your life cause trust me, being on TikTok or Instagram for five hours every day is a waste of your time and a problem for your eyes. Before you know it, the whole day has gone and then it’s weeks and months…

12    Listen to your parents

After God, it’s our parents – If not anything, the fact that we are part of their genes and they were in this world before us should make us listen to them. Having it in mind that they only want the best for us and are always coming from a place of love.

13.    Spend more time with your parents

Just like number 12, always find time to visit your parents if they are not with you and spend time with them. They appreciate it a lot and it makes them live longer.

14.    Read a book – either hard copy or soft copy

Always try to read a book, whether online or hardcopy. When we do, we learn something – even if it’s a chapter or two every day.

15.    Embrace who you are and work on what is not good in the sight of God

Always accept who you are; we all have shortcomings, and no one is perfect. Whatever you feel is not right, try to work on it. We are always a work in progress.

16.    Express gratitude

Always be grateful for what you have, no matter what you have lost. Count your blessings –don’t take what you have for granted, some people would do anything to have what you have.

17.    Fall in Love

I am not saying you should just start looking for love because you want to better your life. Just have an open mind and when it presents itself be ready to fall in love. Don’t be scared if it works out or not, live in the moment and appreciate the gift that is Love.

18.    Take Risk

Take risks always, and bet on yourself. Life is not just about existing, you need to put yourself out there and be willing to fail multiple times until you succeed.

19.    Dance for no reason

Dancing is great. I love to dance for no reason; I hear a really good sound and move to it – in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom… I just dance!

20.    Listen to good music

One of God’s creations I am grateful for is music. Music has a way of lifting our spirits and making us feel all kinds of things. I advised you always listen to uplifting ones.

21.    Write your thoughts

Some people call it keeping a journal. Sometimes,I find writing my thoughts down very soothing and relaxing. Especially when I am filled with so much thought and overwhelmed, when I write them down, I feel lighter and ready to move on to the next task.

22.    Check on your friends

The world has become so busy that we lose touch with our friends and it has become the new normal that we are too busy to check on each other.

Even if it’s a call or a text message, always try to reach out to your friends and see if they are okay. Sometimes when you get a call from a friend, you feel happy and just say oh I never knew how much I needed this.

23.    Spend time with people that matter

Just like numbers six and thirteen, always try to spend quality time with your friends and family. Go to the beach, host parties, do a BBQ, drink, play some good music and catch up on old times.

24.    Meditate

Meditation is really good for your spirit, soul and mind. It helps with anxiety and makes you present. There is power in meditation.

25.    Spend time alone

Some people are scared to be alone. Being alone is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Spending time alone is good because it helps you to be focused, listen to yourself more, you even discover some things about yourself.

26.    Put your phone on airplane mode and listen to your own voice

Do all these when you want to meditate and spend time alone. It kind of quiets all that background noise and helps you plan your day and be positive about what you intend to achieve.

27.    Plan hangouts with friends

Plan a social gathering with friends and ensure you see it through. Sometimes just being away from the busy life is just what you need to feel like yourself again.

28.    Go to events

This is another thing I am trying to do. I turn down attending events a lot and then I feel a certain way especially when I should have been there to support a friend. But I am getting there; I attended a friend's wedding in October and I ended up having fun –so it’s actually great.

29.    Step outside your house

Yeah, some of us just want to stay in bed all day, watching our favourite show on Netflix, eating junk and just want to be left alone…It is not always the best. To be able to rediscover yourself, you need to step outside your comfort zone.

30.    Tell that person how you feel

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant other and it doesn’t always have to be about love. It could be telling someone, you don’t like how they made you feel. Life is too short to bottle up things inside.

31.    Be bold

Just like number 18, take a risk, be bold…What is the worse that could happen?

32.    Smile

Always try to smile in every situation you find yourself. Do you know what I have observed? When I smile especially to a bully either at work, school or anywhere, it kind of makes them feel stupid, like they become the joke and feel confused, lol.

So when someone thinks they can actually spoil your day, disarm them with a smile. Smile because you woke up, smile because your meal looks so good, smile when you see a cute person, pet, your siblings, whatever it is, just SMILE.

33.    Cook healthy meals

Take out time to prepare your meals sometimes, the process is therapeutic and it is just beautiful making something out of a lot of things.

34.    Clean your space

I just cleaned my closet recently, I know you are thinking this is a little thing. Well, for you it might seem like a little but for me, I liked doing it. It took a lot of my time but I was happy I was able to declutter and I saw a lot of things that brought some good memories (You know as the hoarder that I am).

It doesn’t matter where you are cleaning, it could be your bedroom, kitchen, office desk at the house…Try to keep your corners/areas clean.

35.    Go grocery shopping

We all need groceries since we all eat but not everyone likes to go. We either send our younger ones or make our parents do it but it's fun going grocery shopping…You don’t know who you could meet or a new vegetable you could see, lol – all I am saying is be happy, and always find the beauty in everything.

36.    Be responsible for someone

As we get to adulthood and our parents are getting old, we start to feel responsible for them. It could be a younger sibling, a pet, a friend or even adopting a child – especially if you are a single person with enough money to take care of someone else, it’s actually a good thing.

37.    Teach and practice love

Whatever you do in this life, always preach and practice love. Not just in words but in action – the world needs more love.

50 awesome ways to make your life better
38.    Take long walks

Taking long walks helps you think and you also get some workout.

39.    Climb the top of the mountain and scream at the top of your voice

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed and want to scream at the top of our lungs, but it’s okay to let it out. If it means climbing a mountain to scream at the top of your voice, do it.

40.    Be yourself

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Do not be so carried away with what everyone thinks or who they want you to be that you forget who you are and can’t recognize yourself.

41.    Listen more, talk less

I am someone that talks a lot especially when I am nervous but it is always great to listen. Sometimes people just want to be heard, no advice, nothing just “listen to what I have to say”. Just like when you pray to God and pour out all your pain, that silence with you just talking might just be what a friend needs.

42.    Hug your loved ones always

Hmm, I know some of you are wondering what if I don’t like to be touched? Well, no matter how OCD you are, you still have sex right (or don’t you have it? I’m curious)? So, I don’t see how it’s impossible not to hug the ones you love.

Sometimes all we need is a hug.

43.    Tell them you are proud of them

Always be your person’s hype man, tell them you are proud of them at every opportunity. Don’t hold back.

44.    Live like it’s your last day

If today were your last day, what would you do? We should try to have this mindset because it helps us realize that there are a lot of things we could have done and want to do. It makes you want to take risks…after all, you are dying anyways.

45.    Be compassionate

Just as being kind, have compassion; put the other person in your shoe, and see them from their own angle.

46.    Always speak the truth

Always speak the truth and don’t be afraid to do so. The world has made speaking the truth seems like you are crazy – don’t let that discourage you. If you can’t speak the truth, you will be living a lie and that is just a waste of your precious life.

47.    Believe in something and stick to it

Whatever it is you believe in, stick to it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Study it, learn more about it, who knows you could actually make someone believe it too.

48.    Help the poor –nothing is too small

Make out time and assist the poor in any little way you can. There are a lot of clothes in your closet you are not wearing, Some toys you don’t use, and grain of rice you might never eat. Nothing is too small to help the poor.

49.    Visit the sick

In your spare time, visit the sick. Especially during the festive season, visit them with some flowers and gifts, and let them know you are thinking and praying for them. Their family have probably spent a lot treating them, and no amount of help is too small.

50.    Be present

Be aware of your surroundings, be attentive, and be present. Soak in the new morning, be present in your conversations with friends, co-workers and family, and slowly digest your meals…no matter what it is, do it with a lot of passion in your heart.

These are the things that make you live a better life and make the world a better place. That when you leave this world, you leave it being better and making an impact on someone or everyone in your life.


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